Sturdy calibration units for superior profile geometries

Robust construction and numerous adjustment possibilities characterize IDE calibration units. A modular frame enables adjustment to suit a wide range of calibration lengths. Easy access vacuum pumps and vacuum connections guarantee a stable vacuum supply at low noise levels, and ergonomically integrated controls make operation efficient and user-friendly.


IDE-Calibration Units
Type Vacuum Pumps Adjustment range Tunnel size Pulling Force
No. x kW LxWxH (mm) lxwxh(mm) N
ME 10/6.1 max. 2x4 250x20x150 1450x400 7500
ME 12/6.1 max. 3x5,5 300x25x150 2000x400 15000
ME 14/6.1 max. 3x5,5 300x20x150 1950x400 20000
ME 14/6.2 max. 4x5,5 400x20x150 2950x400 20000
ME 14/6.3 max. 4x5,5 400x20x150 3950x400 20000
ME 14/6.4 max. 4x5,5 400x20x150 4950x400 20000
ME 16/6.1 max. 2x5,5 500x25x150 3000x700 30000
ME 16/6.2 max. 3x5,5 500x25x150 4000x700 30000
ME 16/6.3 max. 5x5,5 500x25x150 5000x700 30000
ME 16/6.4 max. 6x5,5 500x25x150 6000x700 30000
ME 16/6.5 max. 7x5,5 500x25x150 7000x700 30000
ME 18/2.1 max. 4x5,5 1000x20x150 3500x570 40000
ME 18/2.2 max. 6x5,5 1000x20x150 6000x570 40000
ME 18/2.3 max. 6x5,5 1000x20x150 8500x570 40000
ME 18/2.4 max. 6x5,5 1000x20x150 11000x570 40000

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