Innovative cutting units for profile sectioning without swarf

IDE has developed a series of cutting technologies to satisfy customer requirements with regard to precision, tolerances, haul-off speeds, profile geometries and thermoplastic used. The correct choice of either the guillotine, the rotary cutter, the pizza cutter or the stationary knife will deliver an excellent swarfless cut for any extrusion task.


IDE-Cutting Units
Type Method of operation Profile clearance Sequence Blade heating
WxH / Ø mm Cuts / min y/n
ME 50/6.G1 guillotine 60x 30 / 30 50 no
ME 50/6.G2 guillotine 150x60 / 60 40 yes
ME 50/6.G3 guillotine ---x--- / 220 20 no
ME 50/6.G4 guillotine ±45° 60x40 / 40 50 no
ME 50/6.R1 rotary cutter 25x25 / 30 3000 no
ME 52/6.C1 pizza cutter 450x20 / - 15 no
ME 53/6.C2 stationary knife 500x60 / - 10 no

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