Intelligent tipping tables for better process management

IDE tipping tables are built on sturdy welded frames and are equipped with individual function modules which can fulfil a variety of tasks. IDE system modules do the work, from simple tipping into receiving baskets through profile assembly and stacking to the complete manufacture of roller shutters. Production parameters can be easily entered into the control of the preceding IDE saw or punching unit which is connected to the tipping table.


IDE-Tipping Tables
Type Method of operation Length table top Width table top
mm mm
ME H,N,V 50/2 Tip 3000 - 9000 150
ME H,N,V 52/2 Tip 3000 - 9000 250
ME H,N,V 53/2 Tip 3000 - 9000 500
ME 82 Slide into adjacent profile 1-strand roller shutter 3000 - 9000 -
ME 82/D Slide into adjacent profile 2-strand roller shutter 3000 - 9000 -
ME 82/3 Slide and lock 1-strand roller shutter 3000 - 9000 -
ME 82/3D Slide and lock 2-strand roller shutter 3000 - 9000 -

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