Project of the month January 2020

IDE machines – used as well as new

Below is another generally overhauled downstream equipment of IDE.

Of course all machines will be throughly quality-checked and assessed.  The condition and all functions of the machines are checked in detail and,if necessary, professionally repaired or prepared to achieve the highest quality standards.

If we have aroused your interest in one of our available used and new machines, please feel free to contact our IDE contact persons. Here you can find out which machines are ready for delivery or which are currently being refurbished.

Ansicht 1 Ansicht 1 5
Calibration unit before disassembly Calibration unit overhauled
Ansicht 2 Ansicht 2 5
Haul-off unit before disassembly Haul-off unit overhauled
Ansicht 3 Ansicht 3 5
Detail Haul-off unit before disassembly Detail Hau-off unit overhauled
Ansicht 4 Ansicht 4 5
Detail Saw unit before disassembly Detail Saw unit overhauled
Ansicht 5 Ansicht 6
Overhauled downstream equipment Overhauled downstream equipment
Ansicht 7  
Overhauled downstream equipment  

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