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Project of the month January 2020

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IDE machines – used as well as new

Below is another generally overhauled downstream equipment of IDE.

Of course all machines will be throughly quality-checked and assessed.  The condition and all functions of the machines are checked in detail and,if necessary, professionally repaired or prepared to achieve the highest quality standards.

If we have aroused your interest in one of our available used and new machines, please feel free to contact our IDE contact persons. Here you can find out which machines are ready for delivery or which are currently being refurbished.

Ansicht 1 Ansicht 1 5
Calibration unit before disassembly Calibration unit overhauled
Ansicht 2 Ansicht 2 5
Haul-off unit before disassembly Haul-off unit overhauled
Ansicht 3 Ansicht 3 5
Detail Haul-off unit before disassembly Detail Hau-off unit overhauled
Ansicht 4 Ansicht 4 5
Detail Saw unit before disassembly Detail Saw unit overhauled
Ansicht 5 Ansicht 6
Overhauled downstream equipment Overhauled downstream equipment
Ansicht 7  
Overhauled downstream equipment  

Project Archive

Project of the month December 2019

*CoExtrusion line:* Single screw extruder ME 45/5x25D Single screw extruder MEB 30/5x25D Calibration unit ME 14/6. 1 Haul-off unit ME 30/6. read more...

Project of the month October 2019:
drilling unit

*The task:* Realisation of a longitudinal groove in the extrusion direction at over 20 cycles per minute Variable option for inserting the longitudinal groove in the controller Control of an external saw unit Preparation of a chip extraction device   *The solution:* Dual drilling unit with two individually adjustable drill drives Milling distance of 75 – 400 mm possible Additional motorised axis for longitudinal grooves up to 30 mm in length Wooden profile guide for easy machining       2 Zweifach Bohreinheit   3 Arbeitsbereich Dual drilling unit Drilling unit work area   4 Bohrkopf   5 Querverstellung Drill head Transverse shift   6 Abblassystem   Blow-off system  . read more...

Project of the Month July 2019:
Mobile Production

The task: 5 existing lines with 60 different profiles made from a wide range of thermoplastics – TPE, PVC-U, PS,PP, PMMA, LD-PE, ASA and ABS – transferred to 2 new complete extrusion lines. A variety of post-processing work, such as pad printing, drilling, punching and the application of adhesive tape, is to be carried out on both new lines. read more...

Project of the month June 2019:
Refurbished calibration table ME 14/2

*The task:* The ME 14/2 built in 1984 is to be repaired again. Check to determine which functional parts can still be used Only original parts are used when replacing functional parts. read more...

Project of the month May 2019:
Punch-saw combination for twin-strand extrusion

The task: Combined unit for punching and cutting twin-strand profiles. Existing punching tools may be installed safely and quickly. read more...

Project of the month April 2019:
Tape applicator unit for various plastic profiles

The task: A unit to apply specific adhesive tapes at the top and bottom of various plastic profiles The solution: Machine unit width1,5m Inclusion of  customer-specific tape rolls Capacitive sensor for tape detection Tape access control with torque-controlled drive Simple shifting of the individual feeding systems 2019 04 01 Abrolleinheit Profile Komplette Zugaenglichkeit 2019 04 01 Abrolleinheit Profile Zufuehrsysteme Abziehklebebaender Complete frontal accessibility Feeding system for adhesive tape rolls 2019 04 01 Abrolleinheit Profile Zufuehrsystem Doppel Beklebung 2019 04 01 Abrolleinheit Profile Zufuehrsystem Beklebung unten Feeding system for taping up and down Sensor for taping profile lower side 2019 04 01 Abrolleinheit Profile Sensor Banderkennung   Sensor for tape detection        . read more...

Project of the month March 2019:
Dual carriage cut-off saw unit for defined fixed lengths

The task: To cut rods to length with a finished piece tolerance of ± 0,05 mm The solution: Dual carriage cut-off saw ME 50/6. 2-D with 2 saw carriages Saw carriage travel distance 400mm, motorized (cycle time 30 cuts/minute) Distance between saw carriages adjustable from 150 – 800mm, incl. read more...

Project of the month February 2019:
Complete line for the production of prefabricated roller shutters

The task: Complete line for two die systems Inline prefabrication Data transmission with industrial hand-held scanner The solution: Extrusion line consisting of the following components: ME 75/5x25D with mini ME Control/4 Die system consisting of extrusion die and dry calibration, designed for a production speed of 8m/min Calibration unit ME 14/6. 1 with 2 frequency-controlled vacuum pumps Haul-off unit ME 30/6. read more...

Project of the month December 2018:
Complete line for the production of various filter profiles

The task: Downstream line for more than 6 different filter profiles with diameters of 15 – 120 mm Constructed mainly of rustproof materials Spray waterbath with individual spray bar adjustment Profile drying via suction technology Belt haul-off with  constant center of extrusion Cutting unit for profiles up to 125mm in diameter The solution: Extrusion downstream line consisting of the following components: Calibration downstream with more than 60 spray nozzles Exchangeable spray ring at the inlet side Suction ring with exchangeable nozzles of different dimensions at the outlet-side Belt haul-off with centralized manual gap adjustment Rotary cutting unit for profile diameters up to 125 mm Einlaufseitiger Spruehring Spruehwasserbad Spray ring at the inlet side Spray waterbath Auslaufseitige Absaugtechnologie Bandabzug mit Spaltverstellung Suction technology at the outlet side Belt haul-off with gap adjustment Rotationsschneideinheit mit Schneidmatrize Steuerung ME Control 20 4 Folgeeinheit Rotation cutting unit           Controller ME Control 20/4. read more...

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